Non-Exclusive Logo Templates


What is a “non-exclusive” logo template?

A non-exclusive logo template is a logo designed to where it can be sold several times. The logo
template is not removed from the categories once the purchase has been made.

Can “non-exclusive” logo templates be purchased and resold again?

The copyright is retained on all designs that are non-exclusive. If a logo that is non-exclusive gets sold
then that is called an infringement on the copyrights that we have and the person that sold it might get
around $1,000.00 USD in penalties from doing it.

Can “non-exclusive” logo templates be owned and copyrighted?

Non-exclusive logos cannot be copyrighted. The exclusive logos can be copyrighted but the non-
exclusive logos cannot be. The copyright designs are owned by us but you can use the logos for your
projects however you would like.



Can a logo template be modified by myself?

Yes. You can modify your logo template. You will need to get a graphics software program like Adobe
Illustrator or either Adobe Photoshop or either another type of graphics software that might be
considered more basic. Once you have started using the software and feel comfortable with it then the
logo can be customized to whatever you need it to be.

Can the logo template be modified by the art department?

Yes. The design team can do this for only $9.99 USD and the color schemes and the text with the logo
templates can be changed. A custom quote can be made for work that might be more extensive such as
merging concepts and fonts.


General Questions


What is the time frame for receiving the logo template files?

First orders can take around five to ten minutes. The office hours here are 9 am to 6 pm EST time.
Orders that require modification can be done usually within 24 hours depending on what all is needed.
Orders placed any time after the business hours that we have then you will need to wait and receive
your file the next working business day.

What happens after an order has been placed?

After the order for a logo template has been placed or either an order with the web or stationery
templates then the billing information is checked by the security in house department to help with
preventing any credit card fraud, this check only takes a few minutes if the office is open.
Once everything becomes verified then a email will be sent out to you with a link that is secure and
you can download the template that you purchased. Your download link will be there in the future or
whenever you need it.

Are the details from my credit card safe when I purchase the logos from the website?

It is 100% secure and safe when you purchase from us. We have a system set up to ensure that all of
your purchases are safe. All check out pages are encrypted where the financial info is entered. In order
to help with adding even more security, a in house security department supervises and also maintains all
of the serves and making sure that they stay secure.

What payments are available?

We accept PayPal and almost any major credit card.

How can a purchase be made?

After you pick out the design from the catalog, then you will be instantly redirected to the checkout
after you have placed it in the card. Next you’ll need to create an account and sign up with us. We only
accept valid email addresses. Once the order is placed with our secure and safe system, then you’ll get
an email with detailed instructions as to how the order can be downloaded.

What software programs support the file formats supplied?

There are a lot of software programs and packages available. We try to provide and give you the
flexibility that you might need in order to help with modifying the logo templates that we have. Some of
the software programs we recommend include:

• .ai Format – Adobe Illustrator

• .Eps format – Adobe Illustrator

• .pdf Format – Adobe Acrobat

• .jpeg format – almost any graphics program accepts this kind

• Pdf format – adobe acrobat

What type of file format does the logo template come in?

All of the logo templates come in a variety of formats. The reason as to why is because it’s much easier
for you to be able to use the templates when you have those choices. It all depends as to if you have a
3D logo design, or if you have a vector as to what type of format it will come in. It will come in one of
these formats:

• Vector logo flat designs: .pdf, for layers – .psd, .eps, .jpg, .ai

• 3D Logo Designs: .jpeg, and for layers .psd

Does the logo template design file include the font that is used?

Any of the custom fonts used in the logo templates provide will be sent in the format that you will need
to use it. Some of the fonts might be a system font which that means it is already pre-installed on the
computer you have by default.

Can logo templates be put in stationary sets for a print ready file?

Yes, they can be. Find the stationery that is suited for your current project. Purchase the modification
that you need done and then the design team will include the print ready files with your purchase. The
printing is currently not included.

The confirmation email has not been received. Now what?

Check all of the spam mail that you have and trash. Review and make sure that the email address you
put in is correct.

What exactly is a logo template?

A logo template is a premade logo design that can be purchased and customized. You can use it right
away after the purchase. The layout, shape, size and the color on it can be modified accordingly. You will
need to have some knowledge of some sort of graphic software program in order to make any changes.
The professionals here can also make any changes for $9.99 USD and this also includes changes to the
text, color plus any changes to the font that you might like. Let us know what all you need done and we
will also provide the format necessary for your project being: Vector, Photoshop Layer, EPS, PNG and